EU Grants Update Service



The European Commission has announced that it plans to publish the 2015 Call for applications for Erasmus+ funding in October 2014. The dates of all Erasmus+ application deadlines for 2015 will be communicated as part of this Call.

The EU Money Grants Update Service is the most efficient way to obtain the full range of information available on the latest calls for grant proposals for Members of the EU.

We will regularly email you - at least twice per month -  our "EU Grants Proposals - Alert" which will include a link to the following information:

  • call for grant application

  • grant objectives, current priorities etc.

  • grant deadlines

  • grant rates

  • application timetable

  • contact names and addresses

  • partnership requirements

  • application forms

  • guidance notes


Example Alert (delivered via email)

EU Update Service Screenshot
EU Update Service - Screenshot 2

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